How Adults are Getting the Smile of Their Dreams

At Hibberd Orthodontics, we specialize in discrete and convenient treatment options for adults. Many people don’t realize, but orthodontic treatment is incredibly common amongst adults—in fact about 1 in 3 of our patients are over the age of 18. 

The first thing evaluated in our complimentary consultation is how your bite is functioning. Our primary concern is to create a bite with the most ideal form and function for your health. The beautiful aesthetic result is the added bonus of a healthy smile!

Below we will briefly outline some key reasons that you may not realize about why it is worthwhile to correct your bite:

  • Cavities and gum disease - Teeth that are not aligned tend to create extra pockets where food, plaque and bacteria can gather and cause oral health issues. This can lead to cavities forming, and gum disease. This can be a frustrating cycle (especially for those that are very diligent with their oral hygiene, but still have oral health issues due to their tooth misalignment.)
  • Recession - Sometimes recession can be caused by the position of your teeth and can be improved with orthodontics.
  • Extreme wear patterns - A poor bite, with excessive force (grinding, clenching or brushing) will wear down the enamel off the crowns of your teeth and over stress them. This can make them sore, loose or even cause teeth to crack.
  • Headaches - in some cases chronic headaches or pain in areas like your jaw and neck may be improved by correcting your bite.
  • TMD (Temporomandibular joint disorder)  - An abnormal bite can put you at a high risk of developing TMD. This can cause a number of issues including pain and difficulty chewing. Although orthodontics does not fix all TMJ issues, in some individuals it can be helpful. 

If you want to improve your smile, and feel your best (both functionally, aesthetically and for your overall health), you don’t have to put your life on hold to see great results.

Here is a rundown of our top picks for orthodontic treatment options for adults:


Invisalign is nearly invisible and is a top choice amongst adult patients. The aligners are removable and are a very discreet option for treatment. Benefits of removable aligners are that you remove them to eat and you can eat what you please. Brushing and flossing are also an easy task with aligners.

Clear Braces: 

Clear braces are a great option for patients who are considering traditional braces but want to opt for something less noticeable than metal brackets. Clear braces utilize tooth colored brackets and clear materials that blend in with your smile. They offer the same benefits of traditional braces and are a popular option for adults.

Want to learn more about your treatment options?

Perfecting your smile is a very individual process, let the professionals at Hibberd Orthodontics help you find the best fit for you. Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hibberd: